Few developers choose to own and operate the wastewater treatment and water distribution facilities that are inherent requirements of each master planned community. In 1999, the Millis Group of companies formed Royal Valley Utilities, Inc. to own and operate the water and sewer facilities in Royal Lakes Estates. This concept allowed for cost savings in the construction of the water and sewer plants and allowed for a reduced tax rate for the residents. Millis Management Corporation formed an alliance with Ray Young, P.E., a professional engineer specializing in the design and construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities and the CEO of WaterEngineers, Inc., to design and construct the facilities.

Staying competitive and providing a quality product is well grained in the philosophy of the Millis group of companies. Investor owned utilities allows for lower tax rates if a project is out of a municipal city limits. Tax savings allows our projects to be more competitive. Our operators are state licensed and the facilities are operated and maintained in strict compliance with TCEQ statutes and standards.

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