Marketing and Management

Sales and Marketing

From the beginning, we have traditionally marketed and sold most of our inventory to the end user. We prefer this method for a number of reasons. Primarily, we know the inherent characteristics of our products better than anyone. Because we design and construct these developments, we feel like we are the most qualified to accurately represent the inner workings of our properties.

We believe that to be successful in selling developed lots; or, to market lease space, a prospective purchaser or tenant should have a clear presentation of the facts. Agency relationships have a tendency to fail in this area. For this reason, we have well trained and knowledgeable sales personnel available on site representing each of our developments. The transfer of information is seamless and far more effective.


Many years ago, we began to manage the landscape, maintenance and the affairs of the Home Owner's Associations in our communities as a method to guarantee the nicest aesthetics and to assure ourselves that our asset portfolio would continue to appreciate in value. In some cases, we turn over the management responsibilities to the new Board Members when a project or community has been completed. Many times, the communities ask us to continue our services.

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