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Bethany Homes, Inc.


Bethany Homes, Inc. (Bethany) was recently organized to serve as the home building entity for the Millis Group of Companies.

Bethany was formed to build a specialty home that we believe will gain high acceptance in the market place. The "Goliath Garage Series" provides for an extremely large garage system on the first and second floor for both the single story home as well as the two story models. This unique concept should satisfy the need for those that never have enough room for storage. The second floor of the garage area is ideal for storage, "man cave" entertainment areas, dance studios, office area and a plethora of other options.

Bethany has begun building several of these prototype homes in Royal Lakes Estates in an effort to test the market. Bethany also plans to build many more of these homes in secluded areas of currently owned Millis Group communities. Bethany will have many floor plans with a variety of elevations to choose from.

Typically, the Millis Group of Companies produces a variety of lot types that are marketed to home builders or individuals for residential home placement and there are no plans to change this method of operation.

We encourage anyone that wants a place to put their fishing boats, ATV's, wood working shops, etc. in their garage rather than in storage to consider a Bethany home plan.