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In 1992, Millis Management Corporation was formed to acquire properties for investment. Since that time, a group of companies have emerged to streamline the process of acquisition, design, development, construction, marketing, management and the provision of water and sewer for residential and commercial real estate. Each company in the Millis Group of Companies provides specialized services with the common goal of producing excellence in the development of unique and distinctive properties. In addition, each company operates as a separate profit center.

The Millis Group, Inc., which serves as the flagship company, identifies opportunities, performs the due diligence tasks and makes arrangements for the acquisition and financing of new development opportunities. Millis Management Corporation serves as the general contractor with corporately owned heavy equipment and construction personnel. Millis Management Corporation employs experienced managers and operators necessary to complete site excavation, underground utilities, storm water detention, water and sewer lines, paving and hardscape construction. While a project is under construction, The Millis Group, Inc. formulates the marketing process for the sale of residential properties and the leasing and management of commercial properties held in the organization's portfolio. Millis Management Corporation is also charged with the day to day management of the developed property, whether it may be a Property Owner's Association for residential properties or the leasing and management of commercial properties.

In many cases, the water and sewer distribution plants and the related distribution and recovery lines are owned and operated by Royal Valley Utilities, Inc., which is another member of the Millis group of companies.

This strategic alliance of these companies allows for a higher level of profitability and a greater control over design, construction and marketing expertise.

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