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Millis Management Corporation

In 1995, Millis Management Corporation was serving as the general contractor for the development of a new subdivision using a host of different sub contractors to complete the work. Section One of the project was slow to mature and became necessary to stay on the project at all times to insure the quality of construction. In 1996, Millis Management Corporation began constructing Section Two of the same subdivision with temporary construction personnel and leased equipment. The project was completed earlier than expected, below budget and the quality of the work exceeded Section One. From that point on, Millis Management Corporation became the construction arm of the Millis group of companies.

For the next project, Millis Management Corporation hired an experienced construction supervisor and operators and began to purchase heavy equipment as needed to complete each phase of the construction process. Over the past ten years, Millis Management Corporation has acquired every piece of heavy equipment needed to complete any task that may be common to normal residential and commercial construction.

Millis Management Corporation has the equipment and trained personnel to complete the site layout, dirt excavation, fill placement and compaction, underground utility construction, storm water, paving, final grade and all hardscape and landscape in a typical project. Normally, the only construction activity that is subcontracted to others is electrical, gas, telephone and cable utilities.

With Millis Management Corporation providing the construction services, the Millis Group of companies are able to insure the quality of construction in a timely manner at a cost below the competition.